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Just released my new 5 Song EP called DREAMING IN COLOR. The EP is also FREE to Download Here!!


New single available! 

Hey guys I am releasing a new single today! The song is called "Hey Love" and it's free to download. I am also releasing a bonus track "Destination" for mailing list subscribers so please join to get it free! You can check out the songs above! 


Sample Clips of New Songs! 

Hey guys here are the 30 sec Sample Clips from each of the new songs I will be releasing! First single "Life to the End" will be released on Oct 23rd. Check website to join mailing list to download it Free! 

The Tracks...
1. Life to the End
2. Hey Love
3. How Low
4. All for Us
5. Destination
6. Bought and Sold
7. Baby Runaway



...Yes I know it's been awhile but the wait is almost over! I just finished up recording new tracks! Please check back shortly for more news or sign up to the mailing list for updates!